Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Friday Sports Draw - May 27th

 All games begin at 1.15pm and go for 40 minutes. Reminder that the link to the ground maps is on the side of this page. Rugby and Netball are at South Hagley Park, Football is at North Hagley Park (Carlton Corner and Riccarton Corner) and Hockey is at Nunweek park (grass and turf).

St Albans v Waltham Lions - South Hagley 7a

St Albans A v Beckenham Red - Nunweek Turf 1a
St Albans B v Oaklands B - Nunweek Grass 2a

FootballMay 27th
St Albans A v Fendalton Aztecs - Carlton Corner 2
St Albans B v Waimairi B - North Hagley 8a

St Albans A v Te Waka Unua Tactix - Court 28
St Albans B v Middleton A - Court 18

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