Sunday, November 13, 2016

Zone Athletics

This will continue to go ahead as planned tomorrow. If you are attending please make sure you are ready to go tomorrow morning with:
  • Your sports uniform on, along with your school jacket (see Miss Kake before school if you don't have one)
  • Your name card safety pinned to your uniform (as above if you don't have yours yet)
  • A large water bottle
  • Sunblock - both on and in your bag (it is going to be warm)
  • A large, healthy lunch, especially if you are there all day
  • Warm clothes in case it cools off in the afternoon
  • Something to do between your events if you are there all day, e.g., a book to read
Make sure you know what time you are leaving and who your are travelling with. If you are there in the morning or all day you must be at school, outside Room 22 before 8.30am.

Please email Ms Archbold today if you have any questions - 

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