Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 Cross Country Information

School Cross Country 2017
Wednesday May 10th pp May 11th

Please encourage your child to wear their house colours. Morning tea will be 10.25 till 10.45am. If you are coming to watch, please be seated in the two bays in the stand closest to the Port Hills. You will need to be there in plenty of time and will need to keep clear of the entrance to English Park as this is part of the course.  The course starts in English Park – goes into our school - then behind the stadium –- back into English Park and finishes in front of the stadium. The best place to watch is in the stands at English Park.

PROGRAMME:                 Start Times Are Approximate Only
Senior Team Championship Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 9.20am)
                                                  9.25                Year 6 girls      
                                                  9.40                Year 6 boys      
                                                  9.55                Year 5 girls      
                                                  10.10              Year 5 boys      

Junior Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11am)
                                                  11 . 05                        Year 2 girls                        
                                                  11 . 15                        Year 2 boys      
                                                  11 . 25                        Year 1 girls      
                                                  11 . 35                        Year 1 boys      

Middle Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11.45am)
                                                  11.  55                        Year 4   girls    
                                                  12 . 05                        Year 4  boys    
                                                  12 . 15                        Year 3   girls    
                                                  12 . 25                        Year 3  boys     
To qualify for the School team, runners must be 8 years or older on the 1st April and be in Yr 5 or 6.

The first 6 runners in the senior races (in each year group  - boys & girls) will represent our school at the  Zone Cross Country.

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