Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Canterbury X-Country

Every year at Canterbury X-Country our results seem to just get better. Our running team today battled some fairly serious nerves and some fairly serious runners, but overcame both to perform to the absolute best of their abilities. We were very proud of all of our runners. Although some of our placings may look like big numbers, there were up to 120 children in each race. Just making Canterbury X-Country is a great achievement in itself. Thank you to the parents who provided transport and who came out to support our team. Huge thanks to Mrs Worthington for her efforts training the team and for her sound race advice.

Here are our Results:

Year 5 Girls:
Holly - 20th
Lily - 38th
Sophie - 42nd
Emily - 73rd
Annabel - 86th

Year 5 Boys:
Max A - 16th
Hunter - 44th
Isaac - 65th
Max M - 99th
William M  -100th

Year 6 Girls:
Eve - 22nd
Eden - 31st
Frankie - 113th

Year 6 Boys:
Josh - 5th
Finn - 10th
Lachlan - 108th

Finn and Josh with their Inter-Regional XC notices, only handed out to top 10 runners.

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