Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Canterbury X-Country

Today a strong team of St Albans School children represented the North Zone at the Canterbury Primary School’s Cross Country, held at Halswell Quarry. It was a true cross country course, with wet and muddy ground conditions. The children all ran well, enjoying the experience of running in large fields with over 120 children in each race. Special congratulations go to Maya and Otto who both achieved a top 10 place, making the Canterbury team. They will now get the opportunity to represent our region at the Inter-regional Cross country at the end of Term 3. My thanks go to all the parents that assisted with transport and supported the children on the day.

Year 5 girls          Year 5 Boys       Year 6 Girls       Year 6 Boys
Maya  3rd               Otto  3rd               Lily    67th              Isaac 12th 
Ciara  19th                Matthew 21st         Asuka  111th           Max  14th
Lily M  25th 
Georgetta 39th 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Hagley Sports Draws

This Friday (May 18th) winter sport begins for those selected in teams for football, hockey, netball and rugby. Draws for each week can be accessed using this link, the link at the side of this page or by getting the Primary Sports Canterbury app on your phone. I would strongly encourage parents to get this app if you are planning to watch some of your child's games. These links also allow you to access ground maps and rules.

Our teams will be playing in the following locations:

Football and Hockey - Nunweek Park
Netball and Rugby - South Hagley Park

Uniforms will be handed out before Friday, including a St Albans School jacket. These jackets must only be worn on Friday afternoons while at sports games.

St Albans School X-Country Results

Well done to all children who ran in last week's St Albans School X-Country event. You all earned points for your house and should be proud of your efforts. Below are the top 7 place getters for year 5 and 6 and the top 3 place getters for years 1-4. Best of luck to our year 5/6 runners for their races at the Zone X-Country event on Wednesday.

Year 6 Girls:
1st - Lily Y, 2nd - Aoife, 3rd - Annabel, 4th - Holly, 5th - Asuka, 6th - Emily D, 7th - Ayla

Year 6 Boys:
1st - Max A, 2nd - Max M, 3rd - Isaac, 4th - Henry, 5th - Cameron, 6th - Arvin, 7th - William M

Year 5 Girls:
1st - Ciara, 2nd - Maya, 3rd - Georgetta, 4th - Emily F, 5th - Lily M, 6th - Gisele, 7th - Charley

Year 5 Boys:
1st - Otto, 2nd - Matthew, 3rd - Josef, 4th - Joel, 5th - Sam Y, 6th - Louis, 7th - Senha

Year 4 Girls:
1st - Daisy, 2nd - Katrina, 3rd - Mischa

Year 4 Boys:
1st - Harry W, 2nd - Alax M, 3rd - Joey

Year 3 Girls:
1st - Te Anahera, 2nd - Raea, 3rd - Ruby

Year 3 Boys:
1st - Haami, 2nd - Clark, 3rd - Ruben

Year 2 Girls:
1st - Ella T, 2nd - Charlie F, 3rd - Sienna

Year 2 Boys:
1st - Hamish, 2nd - Evan, 3rd - Peter

Year 1 Girls:
1st - Ella D, 2nd - Hannah L, 3rd - Chataenius

Year 1 Boys:
1st - Seb, 2nd - Ollie, 3rd - Zion

Thursday, April 26, 2018

St Albans School X-Country

Wednesday May 9th pp May 10th

Please encourage your child to wear their house colours. Morning tea will be 10.25 till 10.45am. If you are coming to watch, please be seated in the two bays in the stand closest to the Port Hills. You will need to be there in plenty of time and will need to keep clear of the entrance to English Park as this is part of the course.  The course starts in English Park – goes into our school - then behind the stadium –- back into English Park and finishes in front of the stadium. The best place to watch is in the stands at English Park.

PROGRAMME:                 Start Times Are Approximate Only
Senior Team Championship Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 9.20am)
9.25                           Year 6 girls      
9.40                           Year 6 boys      
9.55                           Year 5 girls      
10.10                         Year 5 boys      

Junior Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11am)
11 . 05                        Year 2 girls                        
11 . 15                        Year 2 boys      
11 . 25                        Year 1 girls      
11 . 35                        Year 1 boys      

Middle Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11.45am)
11.  55                        Year 4   girls    
12 . 05                        Year 4  boys    
12 . 15                        Year 3   girls    
12 . 25                        Year 3  boys     
To qualify for the School team, runners must be 8 years or older on the 1st April and be in Yr 5 or 6.

The first 6 runners in the senior races (in each year group  - boys & girls) will represent our school at the  Zone Cross Country.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Canterbury Duathlon

On Monday a team of year 5/6 children represented St Albans School at the Canterbury Primary Schools’ Duathlon held at Ruapuna Speedway. It was a fantastic event for children who enjoy endurance sports, as it involved a 2km run, 6 km cycle and finished with a 1km run. There were over 1200 children competing in the event and all the St Albans School children did exceptionally well in their first duathlon.

Year 5 Boys Year 5 Girls
Otto 15th Ciara 23rd
Matthew 39th Georgetta 24th
Louis 59th Maya 37th
Sam Y 118th Emily F 39th

Year 6 Boys Year 6 Girls
Max A 28th Lily 106th
Henry C 112th Mae 111th
William M 123rd
Bas 138th
Harry J 150th
Will C 158th