Summer Sport

Term 1 Teams, 2018:

Rippa Blue - Coll, Jakaia, Raumana, Senha, Jonty, Harry J, Cameron, Charlie R, Charlie S
Coach - Nikkita Koia, Cherana and Steve Thomson

Rippa Black - Will C, Asher, Ayla, Mikaere, Kairu, Oscar, Rangi, Makani, Henry
Coach - Nikkita Koia and TBC

T-Ball Blue - Rory, Joel, Harvey, Arvin, Muhid, Tane, Etuini, Max A, Tahnul, Vili, Ollie, Louis
Coach - Carmen Aldridge, Deborah Granger

T-Ball Black - Jarod, Seth, Charlie E, Aayush, Te Ariki, Cooper, Havyn, Sam Y, Tayla, Evie, Mataya, Charley.
Coach - Carmen Aldridge and Nick Eagle

Futsal Blue - Magnus, Otto, william M, William F, Max M, Hunter, Isaac, Bas
Coach -  Matt Holmes and Karen Telford

Futsal Black - Josef, Joe M-B, Jeremy, Shouzo, Lola, Miu, Rata, Gisele
Coach - Matt Holmes and TBC

Futsal Girls - Lola, Charlotte B, Millie H-C, Victoria, Cindy, Ashley, Alannah
Coach -  Matt Holmes

Volleyball - Gabby, Niamh D, Beth, Stella, Jade, Charlotte D, Charlotte P, Issy
Coach - Hollie Scadden and Sharon Chapman

Cricket Blue - Georgetta, Ciara, Lily Y, Annabel, Aoife, Emily D, Millie M, Matilda
Coach - Glen McKenzie

Cricket B - Olivia, Holly, Isla, Millie S, Maya, Vesper, Emily F, Mia
Coach - Jodi Archbold

This weekly competition is for Years 5&6 only.
Friday 19 February – Friday 8 April 2016. Entries close 5pm 11 February.
– 2.15pm
South Hagley Park
  1. Weekly sport will be played at South Hagley Park commencing by 1.15pm. It is suggested that schools aim to leave in the lunch hour to be there by 1pm for warm up and organisation. Please advise the opposition if you are unable to start by 1.15pm so that neither team is waiting for the other. 
  2. Weekly sport is competitive, and all competitions will reflect this by being drawn in either a round robin format, culminating in a climactic event (eg finals and play-offs) if weather conditions allow this, or a league table format where final standings are taken once all weeks are completed. 
    If by half time in any game the teams are separated by a large margin, then it is suggested that the score is taken at that time and in the second half teams are mixed. Remember our primary aims are ENJOYMENT AND PARTICIPATION. 
  3. Schools should advise the Sports Director well in advance if it is known that a team will be unavailable on a particular day and at the latest by 1pm on the day before the competition. This information will also be sought at the time entries are taken, and, when possible, incorporated into the draw. 
  4. Supervision: Each Rippa and Teeball team must be under the supervision of an adult. At least one adult per six volleyball teams, and one adult per two futsal teams is required. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure supervision is adequate. 
  5. Refereeing/UmpiringOnly one official score is to be taken (this saves having two different scores). It is suggested that each school takes responsibility for one half of the game. 
  6. Uniform: Teams should be in a school sports uniform. 
  7. Cancellation: The Sports Director is to make a decision regarding cancellation before 11.00am. The decision will be made in conjunction with the Christchurch City Council which controls the playing areas of Hagley Park. Schools will be e-mailed by 11.15am and can also check our website The SportCheck cancellation text messaging service is also available. 
    If under extraordinary circumstances such as a sudden unexpected deterioration of weather then cancellation may occur right up to final moment possible to stop buses leaving for schools. Schools are to order or cancel buses direct. No school is to take responsibility for the decision not to play. This is unfair on the opposition team. Schools will be fined if defaults and withdrawals do not comply with our rules. 
Please do not phone the Sports Director’s office for updates. An e-mail (to the address the Sports Co-ordinator has indicated) and a text message (for those who have signed up) will be sent as soon as a decision is made. The website will also be updated.
  1. Defaults: 
    1. Must be avoided except for genuine and serious reasons. When they are 
      unavoidable the opposing school must be notified (by the school that has defaulted) by 1pm on the day before competition (eg Thursday for Friday sport). The Sports Director must also be informed immediately the decision is made. 
    2. The latest acceptable time to advise an opposing school of a default is 1pm on the day before play. Fines for defaults are in place for 2016 (see page 7). 
    3. If a default occurs by a school without notifying their opposition as to the cause of the default: 
      i) the school that was defaulted against contacts the Sports Director within 48 hours.
      ii) the Sports Director will contact the Sports Co-ordinator seeking a reason for the default, with a copy mailed to the Principal. 
  2. Each team listed first in the draw is to download a “printable scorecard” from our website ( and take to the game. It would also pay for all teams to have these with them each week in case the other team forgets to do so. Each school has a code to enable them to enter their scores on the website. If the other team has already entered the result and you do not agree with it you will have to e-mail the Sports Director. 
  3. Grading of players Players may play up a grade, but cannot play down a grade. 
  4. Canterbury Softball may be able to assist with equipment. Teams are to supply bases, 
    gloves, chest protectors, face masks, helmets and tees. 
The credibility of the mid-week sporting competitions depends upon quality administration from all schools and the Sports Director’s office. Continued and future participation in sport by primary age children is often dependent upon quality sporting experiences.
Should individuals or schools believe this policy has been infringed by an opposing school, and has been unable to satisfactorily resolve the situation by mutual discussion, they should advise the Sports Director in writing of the circumstances leading to the infringements. The Sports Director will then take whatever action is considered appropriate.

The Summer Weekly Sports are competitive, results are kept and compiled and the top three teams in each grade are rewarded with certificates. In addition, teams with full fair play points may receive a certificate.
It is the responsibility of all teams in all sports to ensure that the results are entered into the SportsRunner draws programme on the Primary Sports Canterbury website. Each school can
choose whether they give their access code to all coaches or if one person enters all results for their school.
As well, it is recommended that the Sports Co-ordinator from each school makes all results available to their school by printing off the points sheets from the Sportsrunner area of the Primary Sports Canterbury website each week. Alternatively, students, parents and teachers can access the information from the website.
The website is and accumulative results and scores are posted on this each week. This task of checking results could be delegated to students to ensure all have been entered correctly.
Points for all games
Game competition 
- points will be awarded as 10 for a win, 5 for a draw, 2 for a “bonus” loss of less than 5 points for all sports and 0 for a loss of more than 5 points.
PLUSFair Play competition points based on 10 points for high a score through to 0 for a poor score - see separate page for criteria for awarding/deduction of points. These are two separate competitions.
SCORING AND FAIR PLAYGame Competition points will be awarded as 10 for a win, 5 for a draw, 2 for a “bonus” loss
of less than 5 points for all sports and 0 for a loss of more than 5 points.
Fair Play Competition - points will be 10, with points deducted for unsporting behaviour (see criteria below) ie both teams will start with 10 points at the beginning of each game. This is to be separate from the points awarded for game competition.
Please read the criteria for Fair Play points carefully and ensure that all the referees/coaches/players from your school are aware of the criteria. The umpire/referee and two coaches should meet at the end of the game to decide upon both teams’ fair play points. The captain may also be involved in the decision if the school so wishes.
Criteria for Fair Play Points:
All teams start with 10 points for Fair Play and should only lose points for any acts of unsporting behaviour. The Fair Play points will be awarded by the coaches and the referee/umpire in consultation with each other. If there is no record of this given then the two teams will receive no points. If more than 5 points are lost in any one game the Sports Director will advise the school concerned of this.
The following are examples of how points can be lost:
  1. If all that happens in a 40 minute game are one or two minor infringements then the 
    team should only lose 1 point. All players must be named where a deduction of points occurs. 
  2. Swearing or abuse toward their own or opposing players 2 -3 points. 
  3. Swearing or abuse of a referee is more serious and should receive a 3 -5 point penalty. 
  4. Any individual instance of violence, depending on seriousness, should receive 2 - 3 points, while continued violence or instances involving several players 4 - 6 points. 
5. In the unlikely event of a game being called off then the offending team/s will receive a 10 point penalty ie 0 points awarded.
The scorecards will be marked on the front of the scorecard where is shows “Fairplay_______ /10”.
e.g. 3 points off for swearing, then 1 point off for throwing the ball away = 6 points at the end of the game.
IN ALL CASES WHEN POINTS ARE LOST, players must be identified or the points will not be deducted.
  1. Teams play two games each Friday. 2 x 10 mins halves, 2 mins half time, 5 mins between games. 
  2. Mixed teams with 7 players on the field (minimum of 3 girls on the field at any time). Maximum of 10 players per team. 
  3. Each school to provide a teacher or helper with each team (who can take turns at refereeing). 
  4. Match ball is size 4 
  5. Shoes must be worn 
  1. From centre with a free pass. 
  2. Non scoring team with free pass from the centre. 
a. b.
10 mins each way. 2 minutes half time Change ends at half time.
A 1⁄2 can only end at the next stoppage in play and cannot end on a penalty. If a penalty is signalled the team awarded the penalty is entitled to a free pass and

the game will continue until the next stoppage in play. A rip is not a stoppage in play.
  1. Start with ball on ground, move the ball slightly forward using the side of the foot, 
    pick up the ball and pass. 
  2. Opposition must remain 5 metres from free pass and wait until ball leaves hands of 
    player taking free pass. 
  3. Used to restart play on turnover of possession, if ball carried out of field of play, 
    and infringement of rules. 
  4. Free passes cannot take place less than 5 metres from the try line. 
  1. One of 2 flags from ball carrier’s belt must be removed. Ripper stops, holds flag 
    above head and calls “RIP”. Referee calls “PASS”. Ball carrier must pass ball within 
    3 strides. 
  2. 6 rips is a turnover in possession. 
  3. After ball carrier has passed ball ripper must hand flag back to reattach to belt 
before joining play.
  1. The only player that can be ripped is the ball carrier. 
  2. There is no contact in Rippa Rugby 
  3. Defenders cannot physically touch the ball carrier 
KNOCK ONWhen a player knocks the ball to the ground towards opponents’ tryline, a free pass is awarded to the non-offending team – unless advantage can be played.
OFFSIDEOffside only occurs at the rip. When a rip is made, all players from the ripper’s team must get back until they are behind where the rip was made.
  1. Can only be passed in a backwards direction. 
  2. No kicking allowed 
If ball carrier goes to ground or a player dives on the ball 
– free pass to opposition. Players can dive for a try or dive on the ball for a try.
  1. Not stopping the game when an infringement happens. Referees should play 
    advantage to the non offending team if there is a chance that they may be 
    advantaged by there being no stoppage. 
  2. If no advantage occurs within a reasonable period play restarts with a free 
  1. If a player accidentally loses a flag when they have the ball, the game is stopped, 
    the flag replaced, and a free pass restarts the game. 
  2. If a player is ripped before the try line and they don’t pass before they get over the 
    line, play is restarted 5 metres out from try line with a free pass. 
  3. The ball carrier cannot fend defenders off using their hands, or the ball. The ball 
    carrier cannot guard or shield their flags in any way. 
  4. One spin (360 ̊) is allowed. 
  5. Mouthguards are compulsory. 
  1. Teams play one game each Friday 
  2. Mixed teams of 12 players (minimum of 3 girls on the field at any time with 10 players 
    on the field). 
  3. The same 10 players need to play for each 20minute innings. 
  4. Each school to provide a teacher or helper with each team (who can take turns at 
Substitutions must be made at half time or approximately half way through each half when the referee will allow and signal a Substitution Break except in
the case of injury.
An injured player can be substituted but only once the injured player has left
the playing area.
  1. Each team to provide a set of bases, bats, practice balls and a batting tee. Canterbury Softball can assist if required. 
  2. The Match Ball to be used will be an 11inch Flexi Ball – Canterbury Softball can loan these to teams on a daily basis. 
  3. Games will be played on Diamonds with 14m baselines. 
  4. Teams are mixed 
  1. TEAMS 
    1. Teams will be composed of not more than 12 players, with 10 players playing 
      at any one time – Pitcher, Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, 
      Shortstop and 4 outfielders. 
    2. A team must have 10 players to start a game 
    3. Ten players will field and then bat with a time limit of 20minutes to bat. These 
      innings will be divided into 2 sets of 10 minutes with each team to bat for 10minutes, then to field for 10minutes – twice. 
    1. The ball is placed on a batting tee by the catcher. The Batting Tee is placed in 
      front of (and touching) Home Plate. 
    2. Batters must not practice swing – they are to address the ball, pull back and 
      swing once. 
    3. A strike occurs when the batter swings and misses the ball on the Tee. 
    4. All foul balls are counted as strikes, and after 3 strikes, the batter retires. 
    5. A foul ball is one that lands in foul territory, or in the area in front of home 
      plate (the area included in an arc from home plate to points halfway up the 
      first and third base baselines): the batter hits more tee than ball. 
    6. No tapping the ball. 
    7. Upon hitting the ball “fair”, the batter should drop the bat in “foul”: territory, 
      when starting to run to first base. 
    8. Dropping the bat in the batter’s box, or in “fair” territory will constitute an 
      “out” when it interferes with subsequent play, and will always be discouraged. 
    9. If, in the judgement of the Umpire, the bat is thrown the batter will be 
      adjudged “out” – for dangerous play. 
    10. One adult may direct runners. 
    11. Forced play 
    1. A runner must advance if forced to do so by any advancing team members. 
    2. An unforced base runner may elect not to run, when a team member hits a fair ball. 
    3. Base runners are “out” if the fielder with the ball touches the base before a forced base runner – a “tag” can also be made on the base runner before he/she reaches the base.
      Play is dead when a fielder throws the ball to the Catcher, to put the ball on the Tee. The Catcher must be within a 3m radius of the tee to stop play. Runners must be half way down the baseline, to be able to advance to the next base. 
m. All outs at Home Plate are made by touching the ball to the top of the tee, before the runner reaches Home Plate (no tags), or the fielder touching Home Plate before a “forced” runner reaches it.
  1. Last player at bat – a play may be made at any base, or the ball touched to the top of the Tee – then play is dead. 
  2. Any player missed in the batting order will bat last. 
  3. Any runner leaving the base, before the hit, is “out”. 
  4. Only one base may be taken on an overthrow, which goes outside the dead 
    ball lines. 
a. A game shall last 46 minutes (2 x 10 minutes batting each with 2minutes to

change – ie 10, 2, 10, 2, 10, 2, 10). 1:30pm 2:16pm.
KIWI VOLLEYENTRIES: Entries are limited to 6 teams per school due to limited courts.
GAME CONDITIONS: Each team to play two 20 minute games each week ie 2 x 10minute halves, 2 minutes half time, and 5 minutes between the two games to change courts.
TEAMS: Mixed teams. 4 players on the court with two or three subs. More teams with less extra players are preferable. Substitutions may be made when rotating around to serve.
COURT: Grass courts 4 x 7m. Net height: 2.10m.EQUIPMENT: Matches will be played with volleyballs provided by CVA.
1. Game is started with an underarm serve with one hand or underarm toss with two
hands and long arms by the player in the FRONT right position. 2. The ball may touch the net going over.
Ball contact:
1. Teams must use 3 team contacts per possession. The first two MUST be caught and thrown, with the third contact to be volleyed over the net e.g. spiked, dug or set.
2. Players may 
not walk with the ball (a few steps to maintain balance is allowed). The ball must be played from the spot where the catch was made.
3. Players may not hold onto the ball for more than 1 second.
4. Playing the ball 
outside the court is allowed and encouraged.
Scoring: point is scored when the following occurs:
  •   The opposition hit the ball outside the boundary lines. 
  •   The opposition hit the ball and it fails to get over the net. 
  •   The opposition throw the ball over the net. 
  •   The opposition contact the ball more than three times. 
  •   The opposition touch the net. 
  •   The ball hits the ground inside the opposition’s boundary lines. 
  •   The opposition touch the ball before it hits the ground inside/outside the court. 
  •   The opposition hold the ball for more than 1 seconds. 
  •   Line and foot faults are not called. 
    Team Rotation: Players rotate clockwise one position AFTER winning the right to serve and after three points in a row from serves by the same player. 
Substitutions should be waiting in a line on the side of the court and rotate on to the court when the team rotates around.
Referees: Teams are able to referee themselves. Alternatively, first named team to provide referee. Referee to keep score on scorecard provided and to ensure scorecards are signed.
Training hints for coaches:
  1. Train your players to always face the net. Players have to react and move quickly to keep the ball in front and between that player and the net. Lateral movement patterns should be introduced and practised e.g. side stepping, side shuffling and/or cross-over, instead of turning and running after the ball, and backpedalling instead of turning and chasing the ball. 
  2. Train your team to toss the ball high. This gives players more time to get ready to catch the ball and set up for the hit over the net. 
  3. When hitting the ball over the net you want the hitter to be standing about two metres off the net ready to run up and jump. The thrower should throw the ball up about half a metre off the net. 
  4. Train your team to hit the ball away from the opposition. The best places to hit the ball are the back corners and just over the net. 
  1. Teams play two games each Friday. 2 x 10 minute halves, 2 minutes half time, 5 minutes between games. 
  2. All games will be played on the netball courts at South Hagley Park – the field is netball court size 
  3. Mixed and boys teams with 5 players on the field (minimum of 3 girls on the field at any time). Unlimited squads. 
  4. Each school to provide a teacher or helper with each two teams (who can take turns at refereeing). 
  5. Balls, goals and vests provided. 
  6. Shoes must be worn. 
RULES: All normal rules of football shall apply except for the following:
  1. No offside. 
  2. When the ball goes out across either sideline, play is restarted from a kick in (important to encourage the players to place the ball on the line before kicking it in). 
  3. When the ball crosses either baseline, play will be restarted with either of the following – a goalkeeper’s throw in inside the netball (D), or a corner ball placed on the line in the corner. 
  4. A 4 second time limit will apply with kick ins and also when the goalkeeper has the ball (Encourages players to restart quickly). 
  5. Players not involved in the game must wear a bib which is supplied, on the sideline until they take the court. 
  6. Shinpads are compulsory. 

Term 4 Teams, 2016:

Touch Blue - Kane, Finn T, Tom H, Tom D, Louie, Gabrielle, Miriama, Taniko, Ngaru.
Coach - Renee Kake

Touch Black - Kohen, McNamara, James H, Rico, Lorenze, Tawera, Niamh I, Charlotte T, Rosa, Ashley.
Coach - Kelly Irving

T-Ball Blue - Oliver, Jake P, Zach J, Jack B, Lachie, Mani, Ben P, Annabelle A, Tatiana, Kitana, Anna.
Coach - Lee Lewel

T-Ball Black - Kingsley, Charlie N, Finn A, Avi, Regan, Tana, Gabe M, Tarin, Eve, Lily N, Jeshaiah, Isla.
Coach - Andrea Dykstra

Futsal Blue - Fintan, Tsatsumi, Josh T, Neo, Max K, Tiaan, Finn W.
Coach -  Mick

Futsal Black - Bowman, Sven, Cooper, Jake W, Sithum, Millie H, Maggie, Amy.
Coach - Matt Holmes.

Futsal White - Nabin, George, Alfie A, Daniel, Emily H, Lucy H, Tui, Celestine.
Coach -  Dionne Fowley

Futsal Red - Isaac, Taj, Ryan A, Logan, Lexi C, Lucy R, Eva, Hannah.
Coach - Belinda and Simon Ralph

Volleyball Blue - Ruby, Henrietta, Onnah, Charlotte T, Annabelle S, Alex.
Coach - TBC

Volleyball Black - Aaron, Cillian, Jack P, Elenoa, Fatai. Willow.
Coach - Ros Tippen

Cricket A - Hapene, Gabe W, Riley L, Lucas, Thomas T, Samuel, Jack M, Hamish, Lucy C, Greer.
Coach - Glen McKenzie

Cricket B - Rehan, Makenzie, Mohit, Brooke N, Arsh, Manav, Paki, Max M, Lucy E, Lexie R.
Coach - Jodi Archbold

Cricket C - Bryn, Max W, William M, Will C, Max A, Charlie S, Harry J, Eden, Tanner, Frankie, Sydney M, Phoebe.
Coach - TBC

Term 1 Teams:

Rippa A - Niamh, Hannah, Tui, Tom H, Hapene, Paki, Louie, Jack M, Charlie, McKenzie

Rippa B - Kiera, Akira, Ruby, Gabriel M, Jack B, Finn, Rico, Max K, Tom D, Tana.

T-Ball A - Oliver, Max W, Manaav, Thomas T, Zachariah, George D, Jake P, Lachlan, Sithum, Gabriel H, Anna, Ngaru, Lucy R

T-Ball B - Kingsley, Alfia A, Emmanuel, Jack P, Mohit, Ben P, Cohen, Regan, Logan, Eve, Isla, Charlotte.

Futsal Blue - Riley L, Lucas, Fintan, Tsatsumi, Hamish, Josh T, 

Futsal Black - Jayden, Brooke, Neo, Taniko, Sophia, Cindy.

Futsal White - Tawera, Daniel, Macnamara, Sammie, Maggie, Millie H.

Volleyball Blue - Emily H, Ella, Georgia, Eva, Onnah, Mily P, Fatai.

Volleyball Black - Willow, Elizabeth, Elenoa, Isabella C, Lily N, Kitana, Tatiana

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