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North Zone Swimming - 2019

Congratulations all children for their efforts at our school swimming sports today. Those who placed first or second in a 50m race have qualified for the North Zone Swimming Sports. These will take place on:

Monday 18th of March, 9am-1pm at Jellie Park Pool.

Due to the current construction taking place at Jellie Park, there is a limit to the number of people we are able to allow into this event. This number includes all swimmers and teacher/helpers running the event. Due to this restriction, the organisers of the event have decided that no spectators will be able to attend. 

The only adults able to attend from St Albans School will be those required to transport children. These parents will also need to be helpers on the day supervising our swimmers etc.

We apologise for this inconvenience, however it is due to current circumstances and is out of our hands.

Children who place 1st, 2nd or 3rd at this event will attend the Canterbury Swimming Sports, held at Selwyn Aquatic Centre on Thursday 4th of April, 9am-11am.

Summer Sport - Term 1, 2018

Below are the children who have been selected for a summer sports team.

The teams will play on a Friday afternoon at South Hagley Park, except for cricket teams who will play at various schools, including St Albans. Hagley teams will travel by bus, leaving school at 12.45pm and returning by 2.45pm. All games start at 1.15pm and are finished by 2.15pm. Cricket teams will travel by private transport, leaving school at 12.30pm and returning by 3pm.

The cost for Hagley sport is $25. Please pay at the office as soon as you can. If required you can speak to the office about making progress payments throughout the year for sports costs.

We are always looking out for parents who can help to coach one of these teams. If you are interested in helping at games on a Friday afternoon, please reply to this email Jodi at sport@stalbans.school.nz.

Permission for this is covered by the blanket permission form. Please return this asap if you haven't already.  If it has not been returned your child may miss out on games until it has been returned.

You can find the draws for each week on the Primary Sports Canterbury website. The link to the draws, as well as ground maps is the links at the side of this page.

Canterbury Winter Tournament

The Netball Blue and Hockey Blue teams performed brilliantly at the NE Zone Winter Tournament, winning their respective competitions and qualifying for the Canterbury Winter Tournament. These teams will be playing in the Canterbury Tournament on Thursday 24th August. The postponement dates for this event are Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st August.

At this stage the venue for both Netball and Hockey is South Hagley Park. Hockey will be on the Football fields on the Polo grounds. This is on the Deans Ave side of South Hagley Park.

We will leave school at 10am, returning by 3pm. We will travel to South Hagley Park in private vehicles. If you are able to assist with transport, please email Jodi as soon as possible.

Children will need to arrive at school on Wednesday wearing their sports uniforms, with all of their gear, a water bottle, a big lunch and plenty of warm clothing. They will be at the tournament for most of the day.

Family and friends are welcome to come along and watch games on the day. Draws and maps are available on the Primary Sport Canterbury website.

Good luck to both teams on the day.

Zone Winter Tournament

All current winter sports teams will be playing in the North East Zone Winter Tournament on Monday 7th August. The postponement date for this event is Wednesday 9th August. 

The tournament will take place at South Hagley Park for Football, Netball and Rugby. Hockey will be held at English Park. 

Football, Netball and Rugby teams will be travelling to South Hagley Park by bus, leaving school at 9.10am and returning by 12.30pm. 

The cost for transport to and from the tournament is ​$6 per child. Please pay at the office as soon as possible. If your child is in a ​hockey team, there is no cost​

The winning teams from this event will go through to the Canterbury Winter Tournament held on Thursday, August 24th . 

Children will need to arrive at school on Monday 9th wearing their sports uniforms, with all of their gear, a water bottle, their lunch and plenty of warm clothing. If grounds are still very wet children are advised to put their school uniform in their bags to wear once they arrive back at school for the afternoon, especially rugby and football players. 

Family and friends are welcome to come along and watch games on the day. Draws will be posted on the sports blog once we have them. 

Canterbury X-Country

Congratulations to our St Albans children on their excellent results at the North East Zone X-Country. Their efforts have resulted in them making the Canterbury X-Country team. They will represent St Albans School and the North East Zone at this event. It will be held at Halswell Quarry on Wednesday, June 21st. We will be leaving school at 8.45am. (PP date – Wednesday June 28th). 

Please make sure all children arrive at school early with plenty of warm clothes, food and water for the morning and a change of shoes and socks. The course will be different to the one we ran a zones. A course map will be provided as soon as it’s available.

If your child is a reserve, they will still need to travel to the event on the day and will wait to see if any children from the NE Zone are away. If not, they will remain at the event to support their school and zone team.

Race Start Times
Year 5 Girls - 10.30am 
Year 5 Boys - 10.40am 
Year 6 Girls - 10.50am 
Year 6 Boys - 11am

Parking at this event can be difficult. If you are coming to watch, please allow yourself plenty of time to park and walk to the event.

If you are able to provide transport to this event, please email Jodi at sport@stalbans.school.nz , including whether you are able to help on the postponement date. If you are able to help, a parent transport form will be sent home. We do not require marshalls for this event.

Once again congratulations and good luck for the upcoming race.

NE Zone X-Country – Tuesday 23rd May, 2017
I hope your training has all been going well and you are ready for Tuesday’s race. Thanks to Julie Worthington for supporting this training programme. The race may go ahead in the rain so please be prepared for this. Remember to rest up on Monday and focus on your race strategies.
On Tuesday morning please be at school by 8.30am at the latest, reserves included. If you are going to be absent, please call/text Ms Archbold by 8.15am. You will meet Ms Kake outside the hall. You need plenty of warm clothes (track pants and a jersey underneath the school jacket are recommended), spare shoes and socks, morning tea and a large water bottle. There is not a tap close by so please be prepared. Exceptional behavior is expected while at the event.
The transport arrangement is listed below. Thank you to those parents who offered transport. We would love to see any other family and friends there. A huge thanks to parents who also offered to help with marshalling. Events such as this cannot run without your help.

Race Times:
Yr 5 Girls - 10am Yr 5 Boys - 10.15am
Yr 6 Girls - 10.30am Yr 6 Boys - 10.45am

Please remember that these times are approximate so it’s best for spectators to be there early.
Best of luck for your race and remember to enjoy the experience.
Ms Archbold
027 4766 870

Transport Arrangement:

Max A
Max M

Winter Sport

The following teams will play in the Primary Schools Winter Sport competition: Football Blue, Football Black, Netball Blue, Netball Black, Hockey Blue , Hockey Black and Rugby.
Team members will be listed under the "Winter Sport" page on this blog.
Hockey and Football will be played at Nunweek Park this year. Netball and Rugby will be played at Hagley Park. We will travel each week by bus beginning on Friday 20th May. The competition runs until August 26th.
Games begin at 1.15pm and go for 40 minutes. Maps to the games are available on this sports blog, as are links to the draws. Please use this each week if you are looking for this information.
The transport cost for this is $65. ​If your child is playing rugby, this cost is subsidised. The cost for rugby players is $40​ as this is subsidised by the Canterbury Rugby Football Union. Payment options are available. Please enquire at the office.

Zone X-Country

Our Zone runners will represent St Albans School at the North East Zone Finals to be held at Halswell Quarry on Tuesday 23rd of May. We will be leaving school at 8.40am and will return by 12.30pm. (PP date – Thursday 25th May). Please make sure you arrive at school early with warm clothes, food and water for the morning. It is often very wet on the course, therefore a spare pair of shoes and socks to put on after your race is recommended.

If you are a reserve runner, please be ready to go at 8.40am on the day, but remember that if everybody in your age group is there you won’t be able to attend.
We rely on parent transport in order for our children to attend this event. If you can help with transport, please email sport@stalbans.school.nz indicating how many children you can take and whether or not you can also help on the postponement date.

These events only happen with the help of volunteers from schools attending. If you are able to help with marshalling the race, please indicate in your email. This job can be shared with other parents so that you can watch your own child’s race. If there are no volunteers to do this we will not be meeting our school obligations at the event. Ms Archbold will be our second marshall.

Transport information will be sent out next week.

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