Thursday, May 9, 2019

Winter weekly sports Friday 17th May

Winter weekly sport

Our winter weekly sport is starting on Friday the 17th May teams rearing to go!
The following information is the first weeks draws for the teams.
Please refer to Primary Sport Canterbury for further information and maps that you can print off if needed, you can also check weekly the draws and scores on their website.

Football-  1.15pm   St Albans A v Elmwood Dragons/ South Hagley 11a

St Albans B v Walham Wanderers / Carlton Corner 2

Hockey-  1.15pm St Albans A v Elmwood lightning / Nunweek Park 2c

St Albans B v Cotswold Nunweek Park 3a

Netball 1.15pm St Albans A v Somerfield Red / Hagley courts 4 

St Albans B v Ilam Kereru Hagley  courts 26

Rapid rugby- 1.15pm round 1 St Albans v Hoon hay Taniwha's  Defaulting  South Hagley 6b

Round 2- St Albans v Rowley Te Kamanawa  / South Hagley 6a

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