Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Canterbury Cross Country 2019

Race day information- Wednesday 19th June / PP date: Wednesday 26th June
Assembly time 10.00am
Venue: Halswell Quarry


Otto C
Harry W
Alex M
Maya Young
Georgetta H
Ciara H
Charley C
Daisy M
Davi W
Mischa M
Matthew S
Lily M

Disabled athlete classification: 1km 10.20am start time
Year 5 Girls 2km 10.30am start time
Year 5 Boys 2km 10.40am start time
Year 6 Girls 2km 10.50am start time
Year 6 Boys 2km 11.00am start time
Years 5 & 6 prize giving approximately 11.20am

Have a fantastic day and lots of luck to you all !!

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